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ARM-B Advanced Biological Research Microscope

A Stable and highly versatile platform for advanced biological microscopy imaging.

A Stable and highly versatile platform for advanced biological microscopy imaging.

  • Transmitted Light Biological Photo Microscope with Super-Widefield and Ultra-Widefield High Resolution PlanApochromatic objectives,

  • Choice of 5, 6 or 7-position Revolving Nosepiece to accommodate the wide range of available objectives.

  • Brightfield LED illumination and Manually operated Mechanical stage with convenient low level coaxial axis controls.

  • Choice of fixed angle or tilting eyepiece tubes combined with a vertical camera port.

  • Brightfield, Phase Contrast and DIC Optics to facilitate clear imaging of stained and unstained samples.

Screenshot 2023-03-05 at 12.43.53.png

Intensity Control

  • Variable Intensity Rotating Illumination Control with LED intensity indicator and pre-set control for reproducing levels.

  • Built-in filters LBD, ND6 & ND25

Screenshot 2023-04-12 at 19.59.25.png
Screenshot 2023-04-13 at 21.52.59.png

Mechanical Stage

  • Double layer design 187x 168mm, movement area 80 x55mm.

  • Low-positioned concentric X-Y movement controls with vernier 0.1mm scale. and tension adjustment.

Condenser Centering

  • Dual adjustable controls to ensure alignment of the condenser with the main optical path to provide even illumination across the field of view.

Field Iris Diaphragm

  • Rotating Field Iris Diaphragm to control illuminated area, ensure condenser focus and avoid excess glare in the image.

Coaxial Focus Control

  • Dual-sided coaxial coarse and fine focus controls to suit individual preferences

  • Adjustable Upper limit control to protect slides from touching objectives

  • Focus Tension Control to suit individual preferences

  • 25mm focus travel with fine focus precision 0.001 mm

Screenshot 2023-04-12 at
Screenshot 2023-04-12 at 20.36.30.png
Screenshot 2023-04-12 at 20.36.43.png
Screenshot 2023-04-12 at 20.00.09.png

Widefield & Super Widefield Eyepieces

  • 10x Widefield High Eye Point, Plan Eyepieces with -5/+5 Diopter Correction Adjustment, Field Number 25, with indexing point.

  • 10x Super Widefield High Eye Point Plan Eyepieces with -8/+5 Diopter Correction Adjustment, Field Number 26.5, providing a 12.5% increase in the field of view, with indexing point.

  • Reticule Eyepieces for Measurement and Photo Alignment

  • Soft rubber cups to aid spectacle & non-spectacle wearers. help to reduce the effect of ambient light.

  • Locating index/pin to prevent eyepiece rotation

Screenshot 2023-04-15 at 10.17.00.png

Trinocular Head

  • Trinocular Head Slider directs the image to the eyepieces for visual examination or to the vertical port for recording. The slider can split the functions between both directions.

  • Three different heads are available; two with a fixed angle eyepiece tube and the other with a variable angle, providing comfortable viewing for a single user or a number of users. The fixed angle heads provide an erect or reverse image.

  • The eyepieces have a centre pivoting, inter-pupillary adjustment of 50-76mm and tube-length correction adjustment.

  • The vertical port has a circular fitting to attach camera couplings.

  • Sliding Prism provides a split between eyepiece and camera port. (see specification below)

Screenshot 2023-04-14 at 13.55.52.png

Precision Revolving Nosepiece

  • Conveniently accommodate 5, 6 or 7 objectives using the interchangeable revolving nosepiece assemblies.

  • Each individual nosepiece is mounted on the microscope using a dovetail fitting which locates objectives both par-centrally and par-focally..

  • The objective thread size complies with the DIN / RMS standard. 

  • The nosepiece has a slot to facilitate the insertion of a filter/DIC prism.

Infinity Plan-Apochromatic Objectives

  • Flat-field, High Aperture and Colour Correction objectives match the 10x eyepieces and C-mount couplers to provide true colour and high definition images of samples.

  • Objectives are designed for transmitted light and a cover-slip thickness of 0.17mm

  • Magnifications







100x/1.35 (oil)

(Magnification/Numerical Aperture)

  • Additional Objectives available for phase contrast and fluorescence imaging.

Screenshot 2023-04-15 at 11.07.43.png
Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 14.18.30.png
Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 14.18.46.png

Versatile Condenser & Illumination

  • Focussing Substage accepts Simple bright-field Abbe-type condenser with 'flip-out' top lens (NA 0.2-0.9)

  • Universal condenser with turret for bright-field, phase contrast or DIC optics. NA 0.9 (dry) ~ 1.4 (oil)

  • Both condensers have adjustable aperture iris diaphragm to control depth of focus and contrast.

Universal Condenser for Optimum Image Control

  • Universal condenser has a rotating turret with 7-positions and a 'flip-out' top lens to provide low and high magnification bright-field, phase contrast and DIC [Differential Interference Contrast] imaging.

  • An Aperture iris diaphragm is located on the underside of the condenser to control the image contrast and depth of focus.

  • DIC prisms, Dark-field and Phase Contrast annuli are inserted in the rotating turret.

  • Sub-stage Polarising filter is incorporated in the condenser and the analyser +adjustable DIC prism is inserted in the nosepiece slot above the objectives.  

Screenshot 2023-03-25 at 18.44.47.png

Example Images 

Bright-field Stained Samples

Screenshot 2023-04-15 at 18.34.14.png
Screenshot 2023-04-15 at 18.35.31.png

Phase Contrast Un-stained Sample

Screenshot 2023-04-15 at 18.51.01.png
Screenshot 2023-04-15 at 18.43.48.png

DIC Un-stained Sample

Screenshot 2023-04-15 at 18.51.21.png
Screenshot 2023-04-15 at 18.51.12.png

Side & Front Elevation (mm)

Screenshot 2023-03-24 at 16.41.31.png
Screenshot 2023-03-24 at 16.41.55.png

ARM-B System Schematic

Screenshot 2023-04-21 at 15.51.40.png
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