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We are - UK-based and Global-Centric


We specialise in - Optical, Digital and Spectral Imaging

We serve  - Educational, Research and Archival Imaging Sectors

Info-in-Images provides the latest Imaging Technologies.

Choose the technology or support that you need.

Select from the range of imaging systems and services that we supply or make an enquiry about a novel system that is not displayed within the standard product range.

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Optical and Digital Microscopes for Educational, Research & Metrology Testing using Manual and Remote Controls

Standard Configurations or Custom Designs

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Digital Microscopes for Educational, Research & Public Displays using Manual & Remote Controls

Standard Configurations or Custom Designs

High-Definition & Ultra-High Definition (4K)


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Create Digital Images from Microscope Slides using Conventional Microscopes or Dedicated  Digital Scanning Systems.

Compact, Integrated and Multi-slide loading systems, as well as software to stitch images using a conventional manually operated microscope.

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Recording and displaying Micro and Macro images requires the optimum combination of characteristics in a camera.

We offer a huge selection of premium and budget-friendly cameras to suit routine and more advanced imaging needs from 1.3 to 32 MP resolution (and beyond, using our image stitching technology). Interfacing with PC/WIN, MAC, Linux and HDMI, our professional range is compatible with your working environment.

To enhance the usefulness of the images, a full suite of image capture, processing and measurement software is also available.


Gaining the best imaging performance is important so we carefully match the camera with your microscope.  To ensure compatibility a full range of C-mount adapters/couplers is available for both types of camera.


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Creating Numerous Images of the Same Sample at different Wavelengths and analyse them to reveal Hidden, Faded or Damaged Detail in Documents, Artworks and Artefacts


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Precisely and Conveniently Locate Samples, Microscopes, Illuminators or Cameras Manually or Remotely


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Safely position your microscope or imaging device/sensor over a large painting or artefact. Our own custom-design provides a stable platform for both the instrument and illuminator


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Manual and motorised positioning supports and stages

Optical elements such as Objectives and Eyepieces

Cameras and camera mounts 

Video displays


Our range allows you to customise your existing or future imaging system.

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Operators of our imaging systems change over time and refreshment of client skills is sometimes needed.

Many computer-based systems can be supported remotely using on-line software such as 'Teamviewer'.


We can access the system to provide secure on-line help.

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