Move Over !

When you need to move your microscope, camera or sensor over a large area, in order to examine every part of a painting, document, fabric or piece of forensic evidence in close detail reach and stability are essential.

Info-in-Images is introducing a 'Positioning System' that delivers both of these qualities.

The system is desktop mounted, using twin guides on the table surface and a profiles 'bridge' that carries a gliding support block. The guides and bridge can be scaled to suit the size of the available table. A platform can be added to the block allowing illumination, such as fibre optics, to be mounted and moved with the imaging/camera/sensor.

Manual Positioning System

Moving on precision bearings, the support glides in the X and Y axes. The microscope, camera or sensor can be guided by hand to any position and then locked in that location. Vertical Movement and Focusing is achieved with both a sliding support column and a manual or motorised focus adjustment.

Different imaging and sensor devices can be used on the Positioning System, as the support is adaptable.

Supplied as a self-assembly kit, the system is easily attached to an existing table by a local technician