Traditional approaches to teaching in classroom environments have changed rapidly with the advent of new audio-visual technology, but the introduction of such technology related to microscopes has lagged behind.

This is often due to the need for each student to have an individual instrument for their particular work.

Budget constraints mean that the quality of instruments has had to be compromised in order to meet such limitations. This also means that some inspection techniques have not be available or that the image seen when using video cameras attached to such microscopes is of poor quality.

Even when the component parts are of good quality, a lack of set-up time and the complexity of of linking the microscope and camera results in compromised image quality.

Investing in a good quality integrated video microscope can be the answer, as the latest generation is as simple as Plug& Play. High quality imaging can then be assured, shared between students and image records can be stored for class or individual project work.

An great example of such a system is the MICRO-I.

This zoom video microscope has a magnification range from 2x - 580x, plenty for most biological and materials examination purposes. The image quality is stunning due to the use of Full-HD video technology and high performance optics. Indeed, some users are already using Ultra-high resolution displays to display stunningly clear images.

Many attempts have been made to use handheld USB video devices due to their portability and low cost, but stability issues, the basic image sensors, the all important illumination, the display screen and the robustness are often compromised. MICRO-I overcomes all these issues.

If a more advanced system is required with different illumination techniques and built-in image capture, measurement or calibration. AVM-LITE delivers an even more powerful solution.

Its worth considering the this new generation of integrated video microscopes for your educational needs. The micro world has just become more accessible for everyone !

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