Contemporary Design, Robust Construction and Modern Opto-Electronics combine in this professional zoom video microscope to deliver a sophisticated yet easy-to-use system for public engagement, education and research needs.

Featuring, high definition 1080 resolution imaging, a magnification range from 2x - 580 (based on 24" display), integrated LED illumination, Infra-red and white light imaging, HDMI and USB connection for image display, capture & measurements, a simple hand-held control, this sophisticated microscope delivers amazing performance and great value.

The contemporary integrated design of MICRO-I distinguishes it from conventional microscopes that often comprise a conventional optical system supplemented by an add-on video camera.


MICRO-I is an ideal tool for use in areas of Public Engagement, Education and to Display Professional projects to a wider audience. This professional, purpose-made, video microscope combines with video screens or projectors to clearly display the micro world in crystal-clear detail.

Ask for a demonstration. You will be amazed by what you see.