AVM-LITE Advanced Video Microscopy - on a budget!

When we introduced the AVM Microscope to the Info-in-Images product range of video microscopes, we received great feedback about its capabilities. Indeed, we had comments that said it simply had too many capabilities that just wouldn't be used in many applications, particularly when the microscope is used for less demanding displays and image recording applications.

We have consequently introduced AVM-LITE to fulfil this role. This newly designed system maintains the outstanding image quality of the original AVM system (now designated AVM-PLUS) as well as the illumination, image capture, stands and support options. The system maintains the highly successful on-screen control functions which are controlled via the wireless mouse and keyboard.

For more repetitive operations, such as sample cataloguing and collections management, a newly introduced on-screen feature takes the fiddling out of setting up by using preset controls for lighting and calibration. Simply select your preset and start work.

When sequential imaging of similar shaped samples is required, a new programmable motorised stage makes the task of positioning the samples quick and easy.

Standard illumination, included with the system, features the circular LED module where each of the 4 quadrants can be independently switched on/off in order to create shadowed or shadow-free images.

New optional objective lenses provide clearer imaging up to 660x magnification and when it is important to have high resolution and a flat field of view, the New Plan 1x objective is unsurpassed.

For a more extensive description and prices, please contact us, we will be delighted to explain even more about the exciting new AVM-LITE.

We can also supply a wide range of displays for the system, including Full-HD and 4K monitors, as well as projectors. We even supply waterproof models for more demanding environments.