Become a Confocal Convert !

Confocal Inverted Microscope

Confocal Microscopy has remained a mystery to many labs and prohibitively expensive for those wishing to improve the clarity of their microscopical imaging - UNTIL NOW.

When fluorescence imaging of cellular or materials structures using more conventional reflected fluorescence approaches doesn't provide the imaging quality you require, it's often due to the effects of out of focus detail interfering with the in-focus area of interest. This new and patented laser-free approach delivers that clarity without the need for highly expensive dedicated instrumentation and all the precautions associated with laser use.

The essential optical and recording components add to your existing upright or inverted research microscope without the need to disassemble or interfere with the operation of the current microscope. It simply attaches and enhances your imaging capability.

In case you are unsure of the fluorescence characteristics, of your sample, we use our wealth of applications knowledge and we can conduct sample tests to verify the effectiveness of the technology for your specific needs.

Using custom designed software, the operation is effortless, making it easy to produce outstanding 'publication-quality' images. The flexible design accommodates numerous wavelength combinations, making the system suitable for a wide range of simple and more complex imaging tasks.

When samples are viewed at higher magnifications, the sample detail is shared across many individual fields of view. The automated slide scanning options allow such images to be gathered from multiple fields and stitched into a single high resolution image, incorporating the benefits of the 'enhanced clarity along with increased depth of focus' over the entire sample.

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The image and intuitive control screen

Multi-wavelength, multi-dimensional biological confocal imaging with pseudo-colour to differentiate tissue variances.