Extended Range of Video Microscopes

Video, Digital and Optical technology moves at a fast rate and I-in-I is keeping pace with the changes.

The DISCOVERY video microscope is now replaced by a completely new range of video microscopes.

INPEX VESA, INSPEX TABLE and OMNI microscopes incorporate the latest aspects from all three technologies to provide an outstanding range of options for public display and educational environments.

Compared to previous systems, built-in image capture, variable intensity LED illumination and a extended zoom magnification range are now standard.

The new range of microscopes are complemented by a wide range of accessories, such as large or compact stands, attachable mechanical stages (large and small), LED & UV illuminators and carrying cases.

Extensive Measurement, Annotation and Image Comparison capabilities are standard with the OMNI microscope and optional with the INSPEX system.

The new range of video microscopes provides more choice and capability than ever before.