Welcome to the NEW I-in-I Website

New I-in-I Website

We have been busy preparing our new company website, so that it reflects the extended range of products and services that we provide.

More products, more services and more information is what our clients have requested and that is what we can now reveal.

The expansion is based upon our previous experience with museums, academic and research institutes around the world. It now includes even more exciting and leading edge technologies in the imaging world.

Our knowledge is not just represented by a unique portfolio of physical products, but also by consultancy services. I-in-I's knowledge of both optical and digital technologies we can form groups with some of the world's experts to provides ideas and novel solutions for more challenging imaging tasks.

We haven't forgotten the younger and emerging experts, as we have extended the portfolio to include microscopes for education and enthusiasts. We can even supply magnifiers for budding detectives and bug hunters!

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