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Unique and professionally designed, Newton Portable Compact Optical Microscope Model NM1.


Designed for field use outside the laboratory.

Compact handheld design with

  •  Built-in battery powered variable intensity LED illumination,

  •  Objectives 10x, 40x & optional 60x 

  •  10x Wide-field eyepiece,

  •  Mechanical Stage (Optional) and Stage Clips,

  • USB Power input port with cable,

  • Tripod Mounting Points

  • Rigid carrying case.

Unique folding optics provides a microscope with the imaging capability of a full bench microscope, but within a compact design.

Two versions are available :

  •  NM1-400 with 10x and 40x objectives

  •  NM1-600 with 10x, 40x and 60x objectives.

Adapters are available for convenient use with iPhones and Android Mobile telephones as well as compact digital cameras.


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Unique and professionally designed, Newton Portable Compact Optical Microscope Model


Bright field transmitted light inverted microscope with built-in LED illuminator and mechanical slide movement controls. Includes two purpose-designed objectives providing magnifications 100x and 400x.

Slides with cover-slip need to be inverted (i.e. cover slip side down).

Can be handheld or mounted on a tripod for greater stability.

Images can be recorded using a universal fit mobile phone attached to the eyepiece or via a camera adapter use with a compact digital camera fitted with a T42 mount. (i.e. Olympus PEN)


Objectives : Short Barrel  with RMS Thread, Magnifications 10x/0.25 NA and 40x/0.65 NA, selection via rotating control on underside of the microscope.


Eyepiece: 10x


Overall Magnifications : 100x and 400x


Focus Adjustment: Single rotating Knob with ‘reciprocating’ adjustment. Additional attachable collar for added sensitiity (approx 2x original)


Illumination: Single white-light LED on adjustable tilting arm with variable intensity control on rear of the microscope body. Push button ON/OFF switch with automatic turn off after 20-mins, to save battery life.


Batteries: 3 x AAA in cassette accessible through port on the underside of the microscope. Battery life approx 1,000 hours at lowest intensity (continuous running)


External Power : Mini USB input port for external power supply (connection cable mini/external USB included)


Support : 2 x Tripod Mounts on underside.


Slide Movement: Mechanical movement with X & Y axes controls. Scale on X & Y axes. Spring mounted stage clips included.


Storage: Hard Plastic Fitted Transport Case (Optional heavy duty Peli Case available – see below)


Dimensions 160 x 188 x (L x W x H) mm


Dimensions 154 x 122 x 68 (L x W x H) mm


Weight : 480 g

Model NM1-600 has the same specification as the Model Nm1-400, but with the addition of the 60x objective.


Add some info about this item

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