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We can't show  everything, so if you don't see what you want, please contact us and let us now what you need. we will be pleased to help.


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Microscopes and their accessories are used in almost every sphere of learning, industry, medicine, research and recording.

Indeed, there are so many different types, models and manufacturers that we cannot list everyone on our website.

As we have good relationships with suppliers across the world, we can supply different types of system from simple hobby-related models to research systems at the leading edge of the technology, including optical, video, portable, stereo, fluorescence, polarised light, interference, laser and acoustic, confocal, transmission electron, scanning electron, Raman and the humble magnifier.

Whether you need a particular model from a specific branded supplier or the best value for money model, we can supply or we can direct you to our friends who can help.

Please ask for more information on a specific model or application.

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