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MICRO-I Video Microscope is a sophisticated opto-electronic system in a modern style, simplified format.

Its unique combination of optical microscope, video display, recording and measuring system, providing precise imaging for a wide range of samples.

Both static and movie images can be captured and voice recording added for record-keeping or display purposes. 


With a robust construction and user-friendly operation, MICRO-I provides high resolution colour imaging with a single continuous optical and digital zoom magnification range from 1.1x to 300x. (or 2x to 538x using an additional objective lens)


The zoom and focus are controlled via a compact hand-held keypad, removing the need to directly handle the microscope or obscure access to the microscope and sample during displays or teaching activities. 

The built-in LED array illuminates the entire  sample area producing high resolution visible and infra-red  images.


Combined with PC-based measurement software, MICRO-I is ideal for teaching, displays and inspection work. 


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  • Zoom magnifications from 1.1x to 538x (using different lens combinations)
  • High Resolution 1080P colour video imaging 
  • Display refresh rate 50/60 fps providing flicker-free images and TV/PC connectivity via HDMI/mini USB ports.
  • PC-based measurement & annotation software
  • Built-in LED light array
  • On-screen operation, using hand-held wireless remote control
  • Accessories include large glide stage and additional objective lens
  • Operating Functions include Measurements, Dynamic Magnification Display, On-screen Cross-hair for sample alignment.  


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Lens Dioptre = 3

Working Distance (mm) 228mm

Minimum Magnification: 1.1x

Maximum Magnification: 30x - optical

                                             300x - digital

  • Performance Data is based upon 24" monitor

Lens Dioptre = 4

Working Distance (mm) 200mm (approx)

Minimum Magnification: 2x

Maximum Magnification: 52x - optical

                                             538x - digital

  • Performance Data is based upon 24" monitor


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  • Contemporary Design, Stable and Robust Construction 
  • Zoom Magnification Range from 1.1x - 538x (*) via Remote Control
  • Auto / Manual focus - Selectable
  • Manual focus via Remote Control
  • Built-in Digital Camera with selectable Resolution up to 1080P (1920 x 1080 pixels)
  • Interactive Overview / Magnification Selection
  • Interactive Display Controls
  • White Balance Control 
  • USB connectivity for external measurement & image storage
  • 2D Measurement and Annotation
  • On-screen Cross-hair
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Switchable Visible / Infra-red Imaging Options
  • Dimensions: 410 (H) x 170(W) x 350(D) mm
  • Weight 4.5 Kg
  • 12V DC Power Supply
  • 12-months Warranty
  • Supplied and Supported by Information in Images Ltd


Requires, but does not include, HD-TV/Display with 1080P resolution. Most 4K monitors with 'up-scaling' feature can be used to further enhance the displayed image. Please ask for details. 


(*) Magnification data is based on a 24" display monitor, increased on-screen magnifications can be achieved with larger screens.


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Please ask via email or telephone for specific prices using the following Codes/Descriptions


Code : MICRO-I/01


MICRO-I Imaging/camera module with:

1080P Resolution Camera (1920 x 1080 pixels)

Integrated Bench-top Stand, complete with rear-facing power connection sockets

Fixed intensity, LED illumination Array

Separate switches for:

Power & Illumination


DC Power Jack

HDMI Sockets

mini-USB (out)

Image Capture:

via External PC/USB Storage

or direct to USB or SD Card (no PC required) 

Wireless Remote Control

12V DC Power Supply

1.5 Mtr HDMI connection cable

1.5 Mtr mini USB / USB cable

Instruction manual

12-month warranty.




Code: MICRO-I/02


               4-Dioptre Objective Lens

               (increases magnification to 2x - 538x)





Code: MICRO-I/03

Description: Large Glide Stage

                       Dimensions : 430 x 410mm 

                       Movement : 550 x 190mm

                       Weight : 5 Kg

                       Movement in X & Y axes plus locking mechanism via front lever.

Code: MICRO-I/04

Description: Tilting Stage

                       Diameter : 228mm

                       Tilts in 360 Direction

                       Max Tilt Angle : 45 Deg

Code: MICRO-I/05

Description: HDMI Image Capture Module 


Captures screenshot images and videos from HDMI devices with the touch of a button, without the need for a PC or imaging software.  

JPG image files or MP4 video files are saved directly to SD card or USB storage device.   


Features speaker and microphone inputs for recording audio onto video files.


Compatible with HDMI devices.  Includes IR remote for image capture.

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