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ION Handheld Digital Magniifier, The new compact ION contains a new flexi-lens design, which provides a bright clear image at different magnifications while maintaining a full colour high resolution and high contrast display.


Unlike expensive mobile telephones, ION is purpose designed with a large display for easy viewing, convenient built-in grip for hand-held operation,  flexi lens for a range of magnified imaging tasks, dual built-in LED illuminators that switch on before capture to ensure the most appropriate lighting for the sample and on-screen grids and cursors for measurement and alignment.


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The large 109mm Display is ergonomically housed in a purpose-designed case that incorporates a carrying/support handle, operating button controls, Dual LED illumination and stabiliser.


Control buttons allow selection of the magnification, image capture, LED brightness, measuring cursors and grids as well as Power ON/OFF.


The Lithium Ion batteries last up to 5-hours on one charge and re-charging is accomplishes via a separate low voltage charger.


Up to 100 full resolution images can be stored within the ION unit and downloaded via a simple USB connection to a PC/MAC.


Lightweight and compact, ION is ideal for detailed capture of sample details in the field as well as the workshop, QC lab or home.


To aid portability, ION is rugged and has a loop for attachment of a lanyard, which is supplied with the system. It is supplied in a hard carrying case for protection during transportation and, of course, it has a bright yellow housing, so it is difficult to miss!

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ION /01

Screen Size: 4.3” (109mm) Diagonal

Screen Type & Resolution: TFT Display, 480 x272 pixels

Sensor: 3MP CMOS, RGB565 video @35fps

Battery: Lithium Ion, Up to 5 hours, Charge Time 4 Hours Charged via 100Vac-240V AC 50/60 Hz adapter

Magnifications : Far Focus Range 4x – 8x, Near Focus Range 7x – 14x

Depth of Field: 35mm in overview, 15mm in near view.

Internal Image Storage: 100 images (480 x 272 pixels), 24 bit bitmap format. Can be transferred to PC via USB link.

Dimensions 160 x 188 x (L x W x H) mm


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