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Optical Microscopes

January 01, 2020

From Simple Student to Full Research Microscopes, we have the solution to suit your application and your budget. Ask for advice on the full range of accessories including image recording and display.

Stereo Microscopes

January 01, 2020

From Simple Single Magnification to Extended Magnification Zoom Microscopes with sophisticated illumination and image capture options, our range suits all needs.

Ask our experts for help with your imaging needs, We'll be pleased to suggest the most appropriate solution for your needs.

Inverted Optical Microscopes

January 01, 2020

Essential for Celll Biology and Culture Labs, our range of transmitted light inverted microscopes include economy models and more sophisticated models for routine and research imaging needs.

MICRO-I Video Microscope

January 01, 2020

Robust, Contemporary Design. Easy to Operate with Handheld Remote Control, 1080P Resolution (1920x1080 pixels), HDMI Connection to Full HD Display, USB Connection to PC, Still or Movie Image Capture & Display, Measurement Software. 

AVM-PLUS Advanced Video & Measuring Microscope

February 23, 2023

Feature-rich Zoom Video Microscope with Magnification Range 2x- 665x (depending on display screen size) , 1080P Full HD (1920x1080 pixel) Resolution.


The built-in computer facilitates image capture & display, illumination control, linear and depth measurements, overlay and side-by-side comparisons, image stacking, image archiving to HDD, USB key and external storage via Ethernet. 


Motorised and Manual Stages for precision movement of samples, Infra-red imaging, Ultra-violet imaging and Secure data management.  

AVM-LITE Advanced Video Microscope

January 01, 2020

Featuring the same optical and digital imaging capabilities as the AVM-Plus Microscope.


Control is maintained via the interactive keyboard/mouse and on-screen icons.


Supplied as a standard configuration with image capture, display, measurement functions and includes LED sectored ring-light Illumination.


The full range of objective lenses and support stands are available to provide flexibility for a wide range of applications.


May 28, 2023

When high quality imaging is required, but space and budgets are limited, C-VM is the solution.


Direct Full HD imaging os achieved via an HDMI connection or, via a USB connection, images can be captured on a PC. 2-Dimensional measurements can also be made using PC software.

The folding support can be folded for storage or transport and easily adjusted to accommodate different size samples.


January 01, 2020

V-VM comprises a set of imaging, support and illumination modules that can be combined for inspection of a wide variety of sample sizes and shapes, especially useful when diverse samples are to be examined.

LED illumination is built-in, but can be supplemented by attachable ring and dome lights, as well as free-standing flexible fibre optic guides.

Images are displayed on screen via an HDMI connection or captured in a PC using a USB connection.

Acessories for VM and AVM Microscopes

January 01, 2020

Add illuminators, stages and stands to customise your Video Microscope and make it exactly right for your particular application and working environment.


January 01, 2020

Switch On, Point, View the image on the built-in Screen, Select the Magnification and Lighting then Capture ! - All in a few seconds. 

Images are viewed on a large clear colour screen and captured internally within the light-weight handheld unit for later downloading onto a PC via the USB connection.

Measurements and grids can be displayed on screen and captured.

Uses rechargeable internal batteries,d

N-POM NEWTON Portable Optical Microscope

January 01, 2020

The NEWTON portable microscope uses a single battery-powered LED to provide illumination for this compact microscope which can be easily carried or sent to remote locations.

With two versions available 10x/40x objectives and 10x eyepiece or 10x/40x/60x objectives and 10x eyepiece, this remarkable, rugged unit delivers clear imaging for medical and biological studies outside the laboratory.

Equipped with a mechanical slide movement for precise sample location, the microscope can be mounted on a tripod for additional stability.

Can be powered via a USB connection and supplied in a fitted plastic carrying case.

MSDS Microscope Slide Digitization System

January 01, 2020

Capturing images at high resolution with advanced contrast enhancing techniques across a whole slide area has been difficult and time consuming until the advent of this automated  system.

Based upon an upgrade to an existing research grade optical microscope or a complete automated microscope system, this technology incorporates a precise motion control stage and focus mechanisms together with a precision camera, control electronics and sophisticated software, to generate stunning images that are used to form a digital record of slide collections in museums, medical institutions and academic institutes across the world.

DSDS / SL Desktop Slide Digitisation System with Optional Slide Loader

January 01, 2020

When 'standard' 75x25mm (3x1ins) slides need to be digitised rapidly and reliably, DSDS is the solution and the Slide Loader Option provides even more capacity for large volume operation.

Its integrated high performance bright-field imaging, slide handling, scanning, high resolution imaging, sophisticated focus tracking and precise image stitching capabilities provide an outstanding solution that can form part of an institutional network or be used as a stand-alone system.

MSIS Multi Spectral Imaging System

January 01, 2020

Investigating Questioned Documents, Studying Historical Manuscripts, Verifying the Provenance of Paintings or Examining Evidence for Forensic Analysis, this new technology using non-destructive illumination and image capture technology to reveal previous unseen detail.


Two formats of system are available MSIS and MSIS-LITE:-


The former incorporates the latest advances in wavelength specific illumination, High Resolution (up to 50 Mega-Pixel ) Sensor Technology, Extended Wavelength Colour Corrected Lenses and Electronic Shutter technology, Optical Filters, Control Software and Calibration Processes. This allows imaging of large format documents (up to A1 size) to be created from a 'copy-stand-type' configuration..


As most documents are relatively small (A3 size or smaller), a more compact and portable system has been developed. This allows the MS technology to be used at a more affordable price.


Where very large documents or paintings need to be examined, a special design can be configured where the sample is imaged in sections and a full image is formed through an image stitching technique. 

WP-TVD Waterproof TV Displays

January 01, 2020

Safely displaying images in wet or outdoor environments is now possible with this range of purpose-designed displays.


With screen sizes from 26 to 82 ins (66 to 208 cm) and Full HD resolution, these displays are ideal for public displays or educational institutes. 


When linked to our range of high definition video microscopes, the feedback from visitors and students will undoubtedly include the word "WOW".

MOT-CON Movement & Control Solutions

January 01, 2020

Controlled movement of your imaging device or your sample provides professional effects for your records, your presentations and your archives.

Whether you need this on a micro, macro or large scale, our series of motion control motors, controllers, guides and positioners provides the solution.

Following a moving sample, scanning along and around a 3-Dimensional object or locating your imaging device out of your normal reach, we can supply a solution.

When you need to scan a large painting, drawing, tapestry horizontally or in a vertical orientation and stitch smaller area high resolution images into a large area image, we can deliver the combination you need. Just ask for our advice.


January 01, 2020

With over 40-years experience in specifying and supplying imaging systems that not only satisfy but exceed our client's expectations, you can be assured that together with our associates, we will deliver the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for your imaging needs.

From simple magnifiers to advanced systems, involving complex imaging and recording techniques, we can help. 

We supply microscopes from mainstream and more specialised manufacturers (or a mixture), as well as on-site training and installation.

Just let us know your requirement and we will propose a solution.


January 01, 2020

Whether you are examining a rare or questioned document, a unique work of art, a collection of photographs, biological or material samples on a macro or micro scale, our worldwide network of imaging experts spans these areas of expertise.

Projects include the handling and creation of images as well as the analysis of the data within the images, the recording, archiving and retrieval of that data. 

Whether it is necessary to provide advice, short-term contract work, a full digitization project,  training on image capture, data analysis or data management structures, we can organise this for you.

Bespoke confidential solutions are generated after full consultation, so please contact to arrange a discussion about your project.

Information about our Terms and Conditions of Business

January 01, 2020


Delivery to UK Mainland is included in our prices

Delivery to mainland Europe or elsewhere, subject to a surcharge – please ask for details


Installation / Training

Available, as required, subject to surcharge depending on location – please ask for details



(Value Added Tax)

VAT will be charged in addition to quoted prices for UK deliveries, unless an exemption certificate is supplied with the purchase order

VAT will not be charged for deliveries outside the UK. Recipients are responsible for payment of VAT locally, where applicable.

All VAT registered customers are to provide a valid VAT Registration number.

Prices & Payments

Our prices reflects the best value that we can provide, based upon standard payment terms. Should you be unable to adhere to our standard 'Payment with Order' schedule, please state your requested payment terms when enquiring about our products. 

Discounts are available on some products for quantities and for payments made 'with order'.  These will be shown in a quotation.

For full details of our pricing and payment conditions, please refer to the attached downloadable document.

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MSIS Multi-Spectral Imaging System
DSDS Desktop Slide Digitization System
V-VM Versatile Video Microscope
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