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Many slide collections in museums and academic institutions have been formed over many years consequently they comprise slides with many different formats and sizes.

The modern research microscope is highly versatile and provides numerous useful contrast techniques for samples that are well stained, are lightly stained or have no stain. In some examples, the mounting medium is thick and has changed since the slide was created resulting in damage or discolouration.

Same samples have no cover-slip, some have thick covers and some have very thin covers. This variation prevents the use of the integrated scanner, which is designed for standardised slide imaging.


I-in-I has become experienced in configuring microscope systems for mass digitisation using existing research microscopes as the core of the system. 


The systems can utilise an existing research microscope or be supplied as a fully configured system including the microscope and all accessories.


While retaining the motorised focus and stage movement, camera and software control of the integrated system different optical elements ca be used, including lower and higher magnification objectives, a combination of transmitted and reflected light illumination and contrast techniques such as bright-field, phase contrast, dark-field, DIC, fluorescence and polarised light.

The stage capacity can include units for 2, 4 or 8 slides in one batch and the motorised focus can utilise a built-in mechanism or be mounted externally on most modern models.

When operating, the system scans the slides using different pre-defined patterns, controls the focus, stitches the adjacent field images and forms a Z-stack set of images that can be used for the creation of  virtual microscope image or an extended focus image.

Scanning is rapid, compared to manual operation,, often reducing times from minutes and hours to seconds and minutes.

Full on-site training is available and remote support via the system ethernet connection is available to ensure the system remains fully operational.

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