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Sharing physical slide collections is time-consuming due to location issues and inventory management, slides are prone to damage & losses due to handling and delivery methods and samples deteriorate over time. Digitisation provides the means to manage such valuable assets and share them with colleagues around the world, quickly and conveniently whilst retaining the physical collections in a safe environment.

Compact, powerful, fast, reliable and simple to operate. When you need to digitise slide-mounted samples, this scanner provides the answer.

It is a fully integrated scanner that is purpose-designed for rapid digitisation of 75 x 25 or 75 x 50mm slides using bright-field transmitted light.

Place the sample into the cassette and insert the cassette into the front of the scanner, close the door and scan. The system automatically pre-scans the slide and the sophisticated software automatically recognises the areas containing tissue, establishes the focus points and then proceeds with the digitisation process. It even records and reads the label or bar-code data and populates the database. 

As the scanner has an integral computer, it forms part of a lab, institute or museum network, enabling large volumes of images and data to be stored on servers and archived for long term storage or later study. 

The scanner reduces the time to manually examine slides on a conventional microscope from minutes, and sometimes hours, to just seconds and minutes.

Using a unique linear motor stage, scanning is rapid and precise, providing the ability to produce both large area scans whilst retaining high resolution.  The motorised focus provides the ability to perform Z-stack imaging, allowing virtual microscopy as well as forming extended focus images.


Slide Capacity : Up to two 25 mm x 75 mm or  a single 50 x 75mm glass slide.


Scanning Engine : Turboscan™ fast tiling technology with predictive focus


Tissue Detection :  Automatic region definition and focus setup


Scanning Objective Lens : 20X/0.75 Plan Apo OR 40x/0.75 Plan Fluor


Camera Sensor Size : 2048 x 2048 pixels


Sensor Image Resolution : 0.5 µm (with 20X objective)


Barcode Reader : Image-based 1D and 2D (Datamatrix, QR Code)


Control Computer : Integral Windows 8 mini-PC with Ethernet connection


Display Monitor : 23" touch-screen, Acer T232HL


On-board Storage : 256 GB solid state drive


Physical Dimensions : 320 mm (W) x 297 mm (H) x 447 mm (D)


Electrical : Universal AC input, 50/60 Hz


Made in the UK and supported worldwide by Information in Images Ltd

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